About Us

About The Spectral Geologist

At The Spectral Geologist, we are proud to be the pinnacle of spectral analysis software for geoscientists. Our cutting-edge tool empowers users to unlock the intricate world of VIS/NIR/SWIR/MIR and TIR reflectance spectra with unparalleled precision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize geological spectral data processing and provide geoscientists with the tools they need to analyze and understand geological spectral data with clarity and sophistication. We aim to transform the way mineral exploration, mining operations, academic research, and state agencies approach geoscientific endeavors.

Why Choose The Spectral Geologist?

With extensive research in spectral data analysis coupled with practical, commercial applications, The Spectral Geologist (TSG) has become the industry standard in mineralogical analysis. Our software ensures that spectra are integrated with all ancillary project data, providing a holistic view of the geological context and enhancing the interpretation of alteration and mineralization relationships.

Key Features

  • Unique file structure for comprehensive data comparison
  • Versatile screens for diverse data perspectives
  • Advanced display tools for in-depth mineral assemblage analysis
  • Automated identification for efficient interpretation
  • Spectral mathematics for precise mineral characteristic evaluation
  • Copy processing for replicable analysis templates
  • Seamless import and export capabilities
  • Extensive inbuilt reference library of mineral spectra
  • Integration options for report creation

TSG8: Unleash Your Potential

With our user-friendly interface, TSG8 organizes vast amounts of spectral data into a cohesive file structure, making it effortless to store, analyze, and visualize data from an entire project, a single drill hole, or a geochemical grid. TSG8’s seven screens and two floater windows enable users to explore their datasets with extraordinary detail or through broad overviews, including spatial plots that encompass thousands of spectra and related data.

Contact Information

We are located at:
5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 13187, Austin, TX, 78731

You can reach us by phone at:
+1 512 253 4890

For any inquiries, please email us at:
Admin [@] TheSpectralGeologist [dot] com

Choose The Spectral Geologist for your geoscientific endeavors and transform the way you analyze and understand geological spectral data. Dive into the depths of mineral exploration with the clarity and sophistication that only TSG can provide.